Five Foods to Help you sleep Better & Five That Won’t

If you are finding it hard to get a good night sleep, as in, you are going to bed on time, but you just can’t get yourself to sleep, and even if you sleep, you wake up at night and find it hard to go back to sleep, then you need to do something about it, because sleep is important, and sleep deprivation will mess up with lots of things in your life, most of all your health.

Many people go straight to sleeping pills, but it has many disadvantages. You need to make some lifestyle changes and proper diet is one of them. There are foods that will help you sleep better, and there are foods that will make it even more difficult.

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Not that the right food will work as a tranquilizer and you will go to sleep straight away, but eating the right food will result in the right hormones or substances that can help you sleep better. Following are the five foods that can help.

Almonds: Almonds have magnesium, so it will help you sleep better. Walnuts can do the same.
Lettuce: For a good night sleep, you need to keep your dinner on the lighter side. Salads are good to have at any time, and lettuce, with lots of lactucarium can surely help.
Fish: Fish, especially Tuna have Vitamin B6, something your body will use to create hormones which are necessary for a sound sleep.
Chamomile Tea: If you are used to tea or coffee at night, then you must stop it, because caffeine can work against your sleep. Instead try chamomile tea that will act like a gentle sedative.
Honey: Honey will help your body produce insulin, that allows tryptophan to work better, resulting in good sleep.

And now, some foods that can spoil your sleep, and here’s how to clean bed bugs

Coffee: As earlier mentioned, if you are drinking too much coffee in a day, especially in the later part of the day, you are messing up with your sleep.
High Protein Diet: High protein diet like beef or red meat will take time in getting digested. And if your digestion system is made to work hard at sleeping time, you will find it hard to sleep.
Alcohol: You might think that a glass after a stressful day will help you sleep better, but studies suggest otherwise. It can affect the quality of your sleep.
Spicy Stuff: Just like high protein, or high fat diet, spicy or oily food will often mess up with your sleep, because it’s not easy on your body and stomach.
Chocolate or Ice-cream: Dark chocolate often makes it to the list of food that can help you fight depression, but when it comes to sleep, eating dark chocolate or ice cream late at night will only aggravate the poor sleep problem.

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